Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Two shoppers were killed after a runaway car in an open air parking lot of a mall smashed through a retaining wall before plunging down three stories onto an escalator.
Another shopper was seriously injured in the freak accident that occurred at 4.45pm when the mall in Jalan Hamzah was packed with weekend patrons.
Nurain Said, who was driving the car when it plunged, miraculously survived the 54m fall.
Push start is not a safer way to start a car, however if u have to do so the person must be have an experience to do so, push start can only be done to a manual transmission vehicle & using 2nd gear ,
the driver must be inside the vehicle & fasten the seat belt, turn the ignition key on , press the clutch paddle & engage the 2nd gear by still depressing the clutch peddle.. when the car start to move let go the clutch & be prepared to depressed it again & remember to standby the brake ,...
The most safest way would be using a JUMP Start Cable...buy a gud one !
" Gud thing s not cheap & cheap things no gud "