Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Prevention is Painless & Cheaper

This little girl involved in an accident near paya jaras, while riding a bicycle & had a closed fractured on her Ulna bone, thank god she got no head injury,i really hope those parents who gets a bicycle or skates for their kids will also invest for their crash helmets, knee & elbow pads.

the cost of a bicycle for children is RM 150.00 to 250.00
the cost of protection helmet : RM 25 - 35
the cost of Knee Pads & Elbow Pads : RM 30 - 50

total cost RM 300 - 350
its way cheaper compare to an accident !

when you child fell you will rush them to the hospital petrol/travel cost : RM 20.00
wait there for hours consoling your kids RM Unknown
Medical Treatment RM 150 - RM 4000.00 depend on which hosp. & injury
On Leave for at least 5 days to look after in the hospital RM 50 x 5 : RM 250
get wheel chair or other support equipment RM 500.00
physio therapy & traditional remedy RM 300

Total damage cost with all the pain & hustle RM 1500 - 7000

that is not head injuries yet !! so "Prevention is Painless & Cheaper"

Keep the kids safe every second & anywhere

26/12 is Not a Good Day for Search & Rescue Crew

Towards the end of the of year i usualy keep my training calander empty becouse...26/12 is not a gud day for search & rescue team members i remember 2 major disaster happent on this day the Banda Acheh Tsunami & BAM Iran Eartqueke...

Responding to disaster is a like going for a losing battle becouse the damage has been done, we can never undo things we can only do the best to prevent futher damage.