Tuesday, August 10, 2010

15 favorites items needed the most by a disaster victims ! based on my experience

1.Food ( 3 categories of food Infant , Children & Adult )
Milk Powder / cereals, biscuits preferably individual packing so its clean.

2.Basic Medicine / First Aid

3.Clean Water

4.Diapers & Sanitary Pad

5.Hygiene Product

6. PVC Flat sheet

7. Pillow / Blanket / sarong

8. Slippers

9. Pail / container

10. Milk bottle / mineral water bottle

11. Thermos


13.t-shits / shorts

14.Power supply

15. Cash

Follow these steps to prevent the spread of pathogens

Dealing with Blood

Regardless how severe, all bleeding can be controlled. If left uncontrolled, bleeding may lead to shock or even death. Most bleeding can be stopped before the ambulance arrives at the scene. While you're performing the steps for controlling bleeding, you should also be calling for an ambulance to respond.

The first step in controlling a bleeding wound is to plug the hole. Blood needs to clot in order to start the healing process and stop the bleeding. Just like ice won't form on the rapids of a river, blood will not coagulate when it's flowing.

The best way to stop it is to...stop it. Put pressure directly on the wound. If you have some type of gauze, use it. Gauze pads hold the blood on the wound and help the components of the blood to stick together, promoting clotting. If you don't have gauze, terrycloth towels work almost as well.

If the gauze or towel soaks through with blood, add another layer. Never take off the gauze. Peeling blood soaked gauze off a wound removes vital clotting agents and encourages bleeding to resume.

But always remember when u wanna work with blood then u better get a pair of glove.
KIMBERLY CLARK produce high quality gloves, especialy the blue coloured one.

Life Hammer

This hammer could ideally save your life. So compact and lightweight it's ideal for everyone; men, women, and seniors. This hammer features a specially designed seat belt cutter, blinking red LED for emergency traffic diversion. no doubt many design is available in the markets the price does not exceed RM 50.00 This Emergency life Hammers can be obtain from DIY shops throughout Malaysia.
If you cannot get it anywhere then contact Ms.Fifie at 0122885067
to get one unit if im not mistaken the cost will be RM 38.00